The date of the 2019 race will be 7.00am, Saturday 9th March

Qualification Criteria

All entrants for the 2019 race must first ensure they have satisfied the published entry qualification criteria before they enter

Preferred Entry

There is no limit on the number of preferred entrants. You will be able to enter as a preferred entrant if you are a member of one of the following groups:

  • Finisher of first race in 1984
  • Previous Six Foot Track Marathon Winners
  • Top 10 male and female finishers from 2018 race
  • Officially finished 5 or more Six Foot Track Marathon races in under 7:00
  • Previous Race Directors and Current Race Committee
  • Confirmed Pacers and Sweepers for 2019 race
  • Cancelled entrants from 2018 entries (further details below)
  • Eligible Third Year Lucky entrants
  • Entrants who donate $1000 to RFS as part of their entry
    • For this option we are offering the ability for entrants to be able to direct deposit the $1000. If you wish to do the direct deposit option please contact us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before entries open.
    • This needs to be done before or at the time of Preferred Entry, once the Preferred Entry process is complete the remainder of the available entry spots are set aside for General Entries. We will not be able to accept any additional preferred entries using the $1000 donation option after all entry spots are filled
  • Race Committee discretions (determined by the committee before entries open)
    • Potential top 5 male and female finishers who did not compete in 2018
    • Potential top 2 male and female Age Group entrants (based upon scaled qualifier time and last years top 2 times)
    • International entrants
    • Sponsors

Cancelled entrants

All entrants who successfully entered for the 2018 race but then had to cancel their entry are eligible to enter for 2019 through the Preferred Entry process subject to the following points.

  • Entries must have been cancelled through the official race registration system, this will be supported by receipt of official emails confirming this eligibility and process
  • This does not apply to 2018 entrants who had their entry cancelled by the race committee because they did not satisfy the qualification criteria or entry process
  • This does not apply to entrants who do not cancel their entry as above but are recorded as Do Not Start or Do Not Finish in the race in 2018
  • Entrants who cancel their entry in consecutive years are not eligible for preferred entry the following year.
  • A discount of 50% on the 2019 entry fee will be applied for all official 2018 cancelled entrants during the race registration process.

General Entry

Registration for the lottery for General entries will be open for 36 hours

  • There is no limit on the number of lottery registrations
  • There is no charge to register for the General Entry lottery
  • All lottery registrants must have a valid qualifying event at the time of entry  
  • Only one lottery registration per person is allowed. Any person submitting multiple registrations will have all lottery entries (or actual successful general entry spots) cancelled
  • Once the lottery is closed a random draw for the number of General Entry spots available will be conducted
  • The results of the lottery will be published to the Six Foot Track Marathon Facebook page and all successful lottery winners will be sent an email with a link to be able to formally enter for the 2018 race. Entry fees for the event must be paid at the time of the formal entry. It is thesuccessful lotter winners responsibility to enter within the subsequent 36 hours and/or notify the race organisers if they have not received the invitation email.
  • Any lottery spots that have not been confirmed and paid within 36 hours of this publication and email advice will lapse. A supplementary lottery draw will be conducted from the list of the remaining lottery registrants with results published and a formal offer email issued to those in the second round
  • There will not be a third lottery

Third Year Lucky

When  the lottery process is complete for General Entrants, we will open a separate registration option for people who registered for the lottery but missed out on an official spot to register their details and pay an administration fee. This option will only be available for 24 hours after the unsuccessful Lottery Registrants have been advised. The same process will occur in subsequent years.

It is important to understand, Third Year Lucky is not a waitlist, but a mechanism to cater for people that may miss out on a confirmed entry 2 years in a row. The Third Year Lucky entries are subject to the following points.

  • Third Year Lucky registrations will only be made available to those who missed out on the General Entry Lottery, ie you have to have missed out on the lottery to take this option
  • Any runner that registers for this option 2 years in a row (eg 2017 & 2018) will then be eligible to enter under the Preferred Entry process the following year (2019).
  • All runners taking this option still need to have satisfied the qualification criteria for each year, ie they were committed to running in that year, this is not a future placemarker for an entry
  • If a runner secures a confirmed entry or does not register for Third Year Lucky in the second year then their count resets to zero for the following year

General Race Details

A key facet for this race is the official race cutoff time of 7:00 hours. This cutoff has been in place for many years. All runners who finish 7:00:00 or under are acknowledged as having officially finished and this will count towards their overall race finish tally. Each year, each official finisher also receives a medal. There are also additional awards presented to those runners who  achieve certain milestones of number of official finishes as follows:

  • 6 official finishes - A special Six Foot Track Belt Buckle or Lapel Pin
  • 12 official finishes - A special Six Foot Track Belt
  • 18 official finishes - A special Six Foot Track Jacket
  • 24 official finishes - A special award for Living Legend which includes the presentation of a lifetime sequential Six Foot race number

The 7 hour figure is a key factor, not just for an official finish as above, but also for qualifying where all competitors need to achieve a comparative qualifying time at a listed event which equates to a Six Foot time of under 7:00 hours. As part of the support on race day there are a number of official pacers in the later waves who will run at 7:00 pace to help competitors gauge their time on the course, you need to manage your effort to finish in front of these pacers to ensure an official finish result. We also have official race sweepers who run at a set pace at the back of the field. These sweepers are designated race officials and may at any time, using their experience and discretion ask a runner to withdraw at an aid station if they believe that runner will be unable to complete the course within set limits. This is to ensure our volunteer aid stations are able to be packed down and cleared within confirmed timeframes. Some runners may still complete the course after the time limit of 7:00 but before the sweepers, in this case your time may be recorded, but will not count as an official finish.


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