Race Registration and Start Logistics

Critical Information for all competitors and supporters

For the ongoing future of our race we ask that all competitors and supporters/spectators take note of the following in regards to access to the start line area. The official race start at the Explorers Tree has NO parking space available at all. The sides of the Great Western Highway in both directions near the race start are extremely dangerous for pedestrians and anyone attempting to park or even drop off passengers. This is the main highway through the Blue Mountains towards Lithgow, Bathurst and the Western Region and is a 100km/hr zone. There is typically heavy traffic, including buses, trucks and semi trailers. Anyone who attempts to park near the start line is placing not just their and others lives in jeapordy, but also the potential future of the race itself. If we do note any race related vehicles contravening this request and we are able to identify the associated runner, they will be immediately disqualified.

Registration pick up

There will be two options for runners to pick up their registration kit. The main and preferred option is to pick up from the Carrington Hotel in Katoomba (14-57 Katoomba Street). This service will operate from 12 noon to 8pm on the Friday. This year we are again using disposable timing chips and your registration kit will have your race bib with chip and additional merchandise you ordered during your registration. In addition we will have additional tops available for purchase. Our sponsors will also have displays there.

Photo ID will be required for runners to collect your registration kits. If you are going to have a friend collect on your behalf you will need to provide them with a signed approval form which will be available to download and print. This is the link to the approval form to download and print

This form will require your registration id which was included in your original entry confirmation email. If you have lost this email you can access this through logging into www.active.com or using the link on one of the other official race emails. Once logged in select the "my events" option from the drop down and then click on the view my registration under the 6Ft Track Marathon event.

For those not able to get to Katoomba before 8pm on the Friday we will then be distributing bibs only on the Saturday at the Katoomba High School Race Car Park area before people board the buses. For those taking this option you will then need to collect your merchandise order at the finish line. Also please plan on arriving slightly earlier to ensure you can register in time for your start wave. We will not be distributing bibs at the start line if you are planning on walking there!

Race day car parking and start shuttle buses 

The race committee has organised safe and secure parking for all competitors and supporters. This will be at the same location as last year at Katoomba High School near the corner of Raymond Road and Cliff Drive Katoomba as below. Starting at 5:30am we have organised for a fleet of shuttle buses that will operate continuously from the car park to the start line until the final wave start. After the start spectators are also able to use these shuttle buses to return to the car park and any spectators that then are going to continue to Jenolan Caves will be able to board a bus from the start line area after all runners have started.

Please move quietly and respect our residential neighbours when arriving and leaving the Katoomba High Car Park.


After the last shuttle bus has returned any supporters to the car park it will be locked down and will be patrolled by security. All buses from Jenolan Caves back to Katoomba will proceed to this car park for competitors and supporters to then be able to collect your vehicles. The gates to this carpark will be locked at 7pm so please ensure you have collected your car by then.

In previous years we found that many runners arrived at the car park between 6 and 6:30am and this caused a challenge in available space on the buses. We strongly advise that you plan your schedule to arrive at the Katoomba High car park at least 100 minutes before your scheduled wave start time (eg Wave 1 @ 5:20am), especially if you need to collect your bib.

For those runners staying in central Katoomba or catching a train to Katoomba you will have 2 options as below. Either way you will need to have collected your bib the day before at the Carrington Hotel or organised for a friend to collect it for you with a signed approval form.

  • Walk to the start, about a 30 minute walk, there is a footpath all the way to the Explorer tree
  • Walk to a shuttle bus pick up point outside the Katoomba YHA at 207 Katoomba Steet (please allow extra time as there are limited buses from this location). 

Katoomba car park


Bag and gear drop

Also at the Katoomba High car park and the start line we will be offering a bag and gear drop point for competitors. Attached to your bib is a bag tag that you can use to identify your bag. These bags will then be transported to the finish area and made available for collection, you will need your bib to collect your bag. Please do not pack any valuables, phones, liquids etc in your bag, the organisers take no responsibility for the loss of any items through this service.