Race Report

by Phil Lawrence (2002)

I like to run with a camera and record the events that I participate in. I took some memorable photos of Comrades 2000 that I have on the wall at home as a mental toughener for this years run! I have enclosed a few of the photos that I took with a disposable camera this year of the six foot track race.

Someone said that the Six foot track was harder than Comrades and I would have to say that I certainly found that to be the case this year.
I broke my left little toe on 2 February, and was only able to run 32 km in preparation for this event!! Needless to say this was not enough and I suffered with screaming legs over the last 5 kms, finishing in 5hr 50 mins.
After the steep descent of Nellie's Glen, it was a pleasure to run the undulating track to Cox river. There are a number of fences to traverse as shown here. Generally the track is pleasant and I made up some time after the delay in being caught in the second wave at the start.
This photo shows the Cox river crossing. The water was cold and refreshed the feet, but I wish that I had taken the time to clean out the sand and gravel from my shoes before continuing. (The topless female swimmers were a brief distraction at this spot, but I had to push on). We agreed that it would be great for the run to finish at Cox's river with a swim and a BBQ!
Here I am looking for any excuse to stop for a rest. The first 18 km was a now a dream as I began to understand why the Six Foot Track was considered tough. The relentless climb up to the Pluviometer from Cox's river crossing combined with the rising temperature slowed me (and many others) to a jog and then a walk.
Peter and Derek on holiday from Amsterdam pause for a photo just short of the Pluviometer. What a way to spend a holiday!
This photo shows the drink station at Pluviometer. Only 19.6km to go. I must admit it was great to reach this spot as this is basically the top of the run.
After the Pluviometer I expected undulating country, but this section was steep, extemely rough on your feet and your mental stamina. The next 14 or 15 km were mainly undulating country with the occasional steep section. By now though my legs were well and truly tired and every rise felt like a major hill!
The drink stops were manned tirelessly by the rural fire brigade and their services were most welcome. This one was just before the Caves road crossing.
The welcome sight far below of Caves house and the finish. The two km down this rocky track was the hardest part of the run for me! The thought of a cold beer spurred me on home!
The intrepid crew from Ferny Hills Brisbane at the start. From the left, Ian Federik, Phil Lawrence, Maureen O'Loughlin and Graham Johnson……..see ya next year?!

Phil Lawrence